It’s a cloudy and gray late-winter day in Washington, DC. But there’s no shortage of energy inside the halls of Practice Freedom U! I’m so energized by the incredible progress I’m seeing among the motivated, razor-sharp owners who are burning through our newest program, the PT Practice Accelerator.

Since the start of the new year, I’ve seen PT owners in the Accelerator Program make major progress in critical areas of their business:

  • Hiring clinical and administrative staff that fit specific practice visions and goals
  • Implementing systems – billing, scheduling, financial management – that save time and money
  • Overhauling staff communication so teams are working at top efficiency and productivity, with fewer errors
  • Implementing new approaches to referrals that match today’s health-care landscape

And it’s only February! Can’t wait to see all that’s to come.

Quick turnaround results are at the heart of the PT Practice Accelerator, supported by individual one-on-one coaching and action-focused, self-directed training that you customize to fit your most important practice goals. Come join this motivated, goal-smashing group of PT owners!

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February has been filled with private coaching sessions, helping ambitious practice owners reach for new highs—and hit their marks. It’s amazing how much we accomplish in these intensive sessions. All month, I’ve seen practice owners have powerful ah-ha, lightbulb moments – that we’ve quickly translated into action steps for moving forward.

The Light House Leader

I was recently in Chicago for our latest Lighthouse Connections Workshop for the managers and leadership teams of our clients. We had a great group for this fun, intensive one-day session that’s devoted to helping clinical and administrative managers improve their communications, manage their time, and use metrics and other systems to achieve maximum results—and a happier, more dedicated staff. Stay tuned for information about our next Lighthouse Connections Workshop—it’s a transformative experience for your management team and the emerging leaders in your clinic.

I’m wrapping up February attending this year’s Graham Sessions, which brings together the most innovative thinkers and top influencers in the PT world for a few days of brainstorming and candid, no-holds-barred conversations about the state of our industry—and where we’re headed. I can’t wait to share with you the cutting-edge ideas I take away with me.

Speaking of what’s coming our way in the PT world, I just posted a video every PT practice owner should see. It’s about how independent PT practices can adapt and thrive in today’s fast-changing health-care landscape. The future is NOW, and the most successful practice owners will take these fundamental steps to stay ahead of change:

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What sets your practice apart from the competition?  The PT industry isn’t getting any less competitive. Now more than ever, it’s essential to know what makes your practice different, and how to reach the patients you most want to help. Download your FREE copy of my newest guide, 3 Simple Things That Will Get You More Patients and Make You More Money Right Now.  You’ll learn now to set yourself apart from the pack and increase referrals, by understanding what your patients really need from you. You’ll also get expert, road-tested strategies for connecting with your target audience and increasing your bottom-line profits.

What’s new in the ‘hood

This month was all about basketball for the Schriers. I was a coach for my daughter Gracie’s 7th grade team. This great team of girls made it to the playoffs this year, where they lost a really tough game while playing some really outstanding basketball. Jack’s high-school CYO team won their division playoffs—a great job by a great group of young guys. And I’m happy to report I’ve got skills left in my own game. That’s right, my men’s basketball league had a three-point contest and I managed to win the thing, sinking 6 of 10 threes in 30 seconds. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to fend off the winter blahs!

The Lighthouse Leader

I hope your month has been full of wins!

Passion and Profits,