The 3 Things I’m Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’ll be enjoying a special, relaxing day with loved ones. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and not only because it’s filled with family, great food, and football. I look forward every year to a day that’s set aside for giving thanks.

As PT owners, we have a lot to be thankful for. We get to work in an incredibly rewarding field where we make a profound difference in people’s lives, every day.

Is the work tough sometimes? Sure. But it’s worth it. And there are so many powerful tools practice owners can use to lighten their workload, while at the same time making their business more profitable. That translates into a better quality of life for you AND for all the people you help.

On this Thanksgiving, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you the things for which I’m most thankful.

My family

My wife, Colleen, and my kids, Jack and Gracie, are forever my team. I’m fortunate to spend as much time as I do with them and I never forget why I took the leap of faith to rebuild my business. We laugh, we cry, and, yes, sometimes even yell. But we always support one another. We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Everything I do is for them.  

I’m thankful for my parents, who taught me so much about the importance of having strong relationships, working hard and persevering. My father was a small business owner who always put his family and friends ahead of business and money. His positive attitude has made a lasting impression on me. He also fueled my desire to help small business owners achieve more while also having a life outside of work.

My in-laws welcomed me many years ago, and have been a constant source of support for me, Colleen, and the kids. My father-in-law, Frank Mallon, former CEO of the APTA, has never judged me even when I wasn’t a member of the APTA when we first met.  

I appreciate my coaches, mentors and others who have inspired and guided me during my never-ending journey to impact others.

The chance to pursue my passion

I get up every day and say, “Today, is going to be a great day!” And why not? I get to do work that energizes me and fulfills my desire to make a difference in other people’s lives. How cool is that?

Helping others is what drew me to physical therapy in the first place. Now I’m playing in an even bigger game, where I get to help the physical therapists who are helping thousands of people in their communities.

My work involves providing them with the most successful strategies in practice management: profitability and financial management, expansion and growth, marketing and hiring, automation, and efficiency and productivity.

But the deepest meaning of this work for me?  Being of service to others.


It’s an honor to work with a community of people who are dedicated to helping others and committed to living their own authentic lives, personally and professionally. Your drive, ambition, and commitment inspire me every day.  

You keep me constantly on my toes, working to deliver even more and better ways to help private physical therapy practices grow and thrive.

The work you do is so important.

It’s my privilege to help you build the practice of your dreams.

My gift to you today? The best, most road-tested and proven methods for increasing patient visits.

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