You Are About To Discover The Proven Method That The Most Successful Private Practice Owners Are Using To Predictably Increase Their Revenue By More Than 70% While Working Less.

In Fact When Using This System Working More Is Counterproductive To Your Personal Success.

Washington, D.C.

I was just talking to a professional practice owner that I ran into on my way to play basketball this morning and he was lamenting how many hours he spent treating patients, putting out fires between patients, eating lunch at his desk while working on insurance billing problems. He explained that he was not getting home until sometimes 9 or 10:00pm, exhausted and unable really be their for his family because there was still more work to do.

But here’s what he said that really got to me. He said, “Jamey, I’ve been doing this for years, it’s been this way since the day I opened my practice. Nothing they taught me in school prepared for this or for how to run a practice for that matter. I’m so tired of working like this, I’m really thinking about just throwing in the towel. I’d be better off going back to work for someone else.”

This guy is a true PRO, he is committed to his profession. When it comes to treatment there are few better. He gets massive results for the people he works with and they love him.

But I can see it in his face and hear it in his voice, he has had it, he’s almost done.

And he’s not alone. Nearly every day I hear some version of the same story again and again.

But this one really got me. So, I stopped and sat down with him and told him something I’d learned the hard way.

“If You Spend Most Of Your Day Treating Patients And Putting Out Fires And Then Spend Your Weekends Catching Up, You Are On The Fast Track To Failure. But, Your Experience Is So Common There Is Even A Name For You, You Are The Classic Overwhelmed Operator.”

Of course he asked what he should do instead. Like many, maybe even you, he couldn’t see a way out of his predicament, but he wanted to find a way.

And I remembered what that was like.

I felt like I’d never be enough or be able to do enough. I felt I was failing my family, my employees, and myself.

You see, just a few short years ago I was that practice owner. I was working long days, weekends, not seeing my family enough, not making enough and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. So much in fact that the night my practice LITERALLY burned to the ground I felt ashamed because inside I was GLAD it happened, at least I’d get to rest.

During the time my building was being rebuilt I made a decision. I was going to figure this out once and for all and I got to work.

Over the next 9 years I spent over $300,000 learning everything I needed to know to create a successful, automated practice that could run without me being involved in every single part of the operation.

I implemented ruthlessly.

I tested rigorously.

I refined, measured, documented, and refined some more.

And it worked!

In fact it worked so well that I grew to multiple locations, more than 1.4 million dollars in revenue and for the last few years I was working in the practice, I took over 130 days off EACH year.

I recently sold my practice and because I’d AUTOMATED everything (And by automation I’m not talking about just technology, I mean people and processes too) I was able to sell my two location practice for multiples reserved for practices with MANY more locations than I had. I got the MAXIMUM MULTIPLE in the industry.

After taking a few days off I started thinking about all I’d accomplished from burned out and burned down to selling my practice for more money than I could have imagined just a few short years before. And, I thought about all the other practice owners I’d talked to who where in the position I’d been in before I automated my practice and I decided I had to do something to help.

I had the experience.
I had the processes
I had the tools
I had the skills

And, I had documented everything I had ever created that worked, and I mean everything. I have scripts, forms, tracking sheets, processes, everything you’ll need to get off the hamster wheel and onto the path of profitable progress.

So that very day I sat down and began creating The Automated Private Practice program to help practice owners who are Overwhelmed Operators. What I found out was that it was also perfect for those owners who were trying to make incremental gains, it just worked faster for them.

Now I’ve spoken to thousands of practice owners, written a book about the process and watched how predictable, powerful and profitable this program has helped practice owners like you become.

The program is easy to digest, I’ve broken it down into 12 modules so learning and implementation go hand in hand. The modules are designed with busy practice owners in mind so you’ll get the most actionable information available. No filler, straight to the point with step-by-step action items.

I believe that I’ve made this dead simple to implement … but you do have to implement it for in order to see the success.

Take a look below at the structure and organization of the program.

The Automated Private Practice™


The Automated Private Practice Online Course is designed for Private Practice Owners looking for efficient methods to grow the practice quickly. It is also for the season veteran who have been in practice 5, 10, or even 20 years, that has been hit by

  • Lower Reimbursement
  • Medicare Regulations
  • Increased Competition

and are looking for REAL solutions, not just more strategies that are short lived.

The Automated Private Practice is a 12 Module Online Course that helps owners…


Generate New Patients


Organize Your Practice to Run More Efficiently


Stop the Endless Questions from the Staff

Increase Profits

Learn More


The Automated Private Practice Course is Designed for the busy PT Owner.
This self paced online course is separated into 3 Educational Areas


Video Modules

Each video ranges from 45 mins to a 1 hour and is focused on key concepts to help owners build their practice.


Work Sheets

With each video there are from 3-5 homework assignments that help an owner implement the concepts and strategies into their practice at their own pace.

Audio & Transcripts

The Videos modules are also in audio and written form to help those owners who like to take notes or learn while on the go.

The Modules

The self paced video modules are organized into 4 categories:
Marketing, Money, Management, & Mindset.

Learn simple strategies that will DOUBLE your new patients in less than Six Months. Modules include:

  • Internal Marketing
  • The Evergreen NP, No Doc System
  • The Evergreen NP, No Lunch System
  • Digital Marketing
  • The ACES Vortex Marketing Model

Reduce the administrative “stuff” on your plate to get more done in less time.

  • Practice Owner Time Management System
  • Delegation Made Easy
  • The “Right Fit” Hire

Master Jamey’s simple methods to understanding normally complicated financials. Increase collections, recover “loss” revenue, and spot negative trends quickly.

  • The Simple Financial Dashboard
  • Revenues vs. Money Pits.

Be clear and organized in your approach to building a better practice and creating balance in your life!

  • Goal Setting
  • Unfair Advantage

BONUS! In addition to receiving 12 Modules, Worksheets, Audio and Transcripts you will also receive done for you templates, spreadsheets, and scripts to help you implement the strategies and engage your staff.

As an additional bonus, when you purchase the Automated Private Practice Online Course you will receive a FREE Strategy Session with Jamey once you’ve completed the course. He will help you build a personal strategy for getting the most out of the work you completed during the course (valued at $750).



The concepts and strategy taught in the Automated Private Practice Online Course has been proven to work no matter your geographical region, whether you have a solo cash based practice or a multi clinic business, or whether you accept insurances or not.

After completing this program, my practice has had a 72% increase in revenue. I couldn’t believe it myself. I had to check my numbers several times before I would believe it!

Becky P.

PT Owner, Nebraska

The Automated Private Practice™ Online Course is completely guaranteed and has worked for every independent private practice owner who has implemented it! If you are unhappy for any reason, or don’t feel that you are receiving exactly what you were promised, then simply contact me directly for a full 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.

The Ultimate Guarantee

If you do not double your new patients, increase your profit by 50%, and cut your stress in half within 6 months of purchasing the online course, then simply send your completed worksheets, along with your financial dashboard to me for a full refund.