I. Hate. My. Practice.

Have you ever said those words? Or thought them?

I did, many times when I was a practice owner. They hurt. I used to wonder: how did I get HERE, after starting my journey as a practice owner with so much passion, enthusiasm, and love for helping others?

It felt like a massive, miserable failure that I couldn’t turn it around.

Today, when I hear other practice owners say things like this to me—and I hear them a lot—I know exactly where they are, and exactly how impossible it feels to get un-stuck, un-miserable, and un-overwhelmed.

It’s not only possible to reclaim every bit of that excitement you used to feel—it’s essential to do so. Until you shed the negativity and overwhelm you’re carrying around, it will affect everything about the way you operate your practice, dragging down relationships with patients, employees and referral sources, making more work for you, and limiting your ability to grow.

Here’s how to reclaim the passion you once had for your practice…

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