Rebooting practice culture may be most your most PROFITABLE new year’s goal

If everybody is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself – Henry Ford

A committed, motivated staff is a PT owner’s most valuable asset, your most critical investment of time and money. Not getting the results you want from your team? It’s time to pay attention to developing a workplace culture that enables top performance. As a PT owner, your most important work is to support your team, supplying them what they need to deliver their best work to your practice and your patients.

Highly effective teams don’t just appear out of nowhere. They’re built. The foundation of strong teams? Trust, clarity, accountability, and respect. With those fundamental elements in place, the people on our practice teams communicate more successfully. They feel free and equipped to immerse themselves in their responsibilities. They’re more willing to go the extra mile.

What happens next?  Our clinics attract more patients. Our patients have a stronger, more consistently exceptional experience in our care. Our practices generate more profits.

3 ways to reboot your PT practice culture, starting RIGHT NOW  

Cultivate trust and accountability

I often talk about trust and accountability at the same time. We want our employees to be accountable for their choices and their decisions, to feel a sense of responsibility, commitment, and follow through in their work.

Accountability thrives in a culture of trust.

One of the fastest, most effective ways to build trust and encourage accountability? Stop the blame game. Things go wrong. Errors happen. We fall short of achieving targets. It’s easy to point fingers and focus on blame. As leaders, we have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to model and encourage a discovery-focused, solutions-based approach to problem-solving. This allows us to work on the same side of the table, as allies, with our staff. And it helps create trust that pays huge dividends, in our employees’ accountability and motivation.

Strengthen clarity of purpose

Every member of your team ought to be able to articulate your practice vision, the mission and the core values on which your practice is built. In a thriving, mission-driven practice, every single person can answer the question: WHY are we doing what we do?  Each team member also can identify how their individual role fits into that bigger picture. These guiding principles shape how our team members make choices and communicate with each other, with referral partners, and with patients.

How do you get this clarity of purpose? It starts with having a clear, well defined vision for your practice. Once you have that vision, reinforce it—and the goals that come out of it—with your entire staff. Talk regularly about the why behind you’re doing what you do as a team.

Offer opportunities for workplace learning

A key part of investing in our employees is giving them the opportunity to grow and learn, to challenge themselves. In today’s world, there’s a constant need for updating skills. That makes the workplace a critical learning hub. A 2018 LinkedIn report found that 94 percent of employees were more likely to stay with organizations that offer them the opportunity to grow professionally.

No two employees have the exact same ideas, dreams and goals for their careers and their lives. How can we, as PT owners and team leaders, be responsive to the individual needs of our team members? We can start by asking them: What are your aspirations? What do you most want to learn?

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