If you are ready to begin your journey to practice freedom, we invite you to check out our most popular educational courses. Below you’ll find links to Jamey’s online, self-paced learning products that will help you with the most pressing practice growth challenges including time management, referral generation, organization and financial profitability. Click the link for a detailed explanation and of the product.

The Practice Freedom Method Book

Dr. Schrier literally wrote THE book on how to build and scale a successful practice no matter where you are starting. The book debuted at #1 Best Seller on Amazon when it was released and remains an in demand vehicle for delivering the fundamentals of sound practice growth while removing the owner from the responsibility of day to day operations.

  • Attract significantly more patients
  • Streamline your hiring and training processes
  • Empower your staff
  • Work “ON” your business
  • Double your income (at least)
  • Enjoy more time off

The 21 Day Jumpstart

The 21 Day Jumpstart Program is for those practitioners who want an intensive, time bound, self-directed program that will help them jumpstart their practice growth and management. It is also for those practice owners who want to scale their business and create an exponential gain in staff effectiveness, client engagement and profitability. It is conveniently broken into a three week process that gives you specifics to work on each week that will maximize your potential.

  • Design the ideal practice and lifestyle that gets you excited again.
  • Discover the 3 KEY QUESTIONS that will put you on the fast track to the practice of your dreams.
  • Uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back.
  • What the REAL FUNCTION of your practice is and why it’s much different than you think it is.
  • My secret for cutting your work week down to JUST 5 HOURS… and exactly what you should be doing during that time.
  • The ONE WORD that can free up more time than you ever imagined… it’s not the word you think!
  • Jamey’s favorite strategies for reaching new levels of efficiency and productivity that will move you closer to your ideal practice and lifestyle.
  • Examples, scenarios, and case studies showing you exactly how you can apply these strategies to free up valuable time.
  • The easiest way to increase staff productivity and reduce turnover.
  • Simple ways to hold your staff accountable without conflict.
  • How to use Jamey’s automated systems to set your own schedule while also bringing more money into your business.
  • Why you must own your role as the CEO of your business.

How to shift your presence from a patient care technician to a leader so you can finally experience fun and freedom in your practice.

The Automated Private Practice Online Course

TAPP is the motherlode of self-directed practice management and growth training. These 12 modules are for the practitioner and team that wants to make significant and exponential leaps in the practice. It is for the practice owner that is READY to take their time back, earn more while working less, and set up a team with systems for success. This is not a “Feel good motivational program”. It is a work hard and implement program that will result in long lasting growth and success. The only key is that you HAVE to do the work. But don’t worry, Jamey will show you how to STOP doing all the work and how to get your team to do what they need to do in order for the practice to be successful. This program is all about PEOPLE, PROCESS & PROFIT.

Here are the 12 Modules and just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Internal Marketing
  • The Evergreen NP, No Doc System
  • The Evergreen NP, No Lunch System
  • Digital Marketing
  • The ACES Vortex Marketing Model
  • Practice Owner Time Management System
  • Delegation Made Easy
  • The “Right Fit” Hire
  • The Simple Financial Dashboard
  • Revenues vs. Money Pits.
  • Goal Setting
  • Unfair Advantage

Learn the exact steps to move away from the “Overwhelmed Operator” into the Evolving Entrepreneur. Go from wearing every hat and being called to put out every fire to being a LEADER who directs and guides a team that executes predictably and powerfully without even needing you in the building. I’ll show exactly what I did that resulted in my business working better when I WASN’T there than when I was!

Learn the powerful financial metrics every owner must know and measure in order to become and remain profitable. I’ll even show you how to create a simple dashboard you can look at anywhere you are that allows you to know the status of the business at any moment … and it will guide you to exactly what needs to happen next once you know it.

Learn to hire “A” players. Those team members who are wildly successful and get things done. They are the high performers that make the business work. Inside you’ll learn my exact strategy for finding, interviewing, hiring and keeping the best talent in your market.