The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for the Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program?

You qualify for the Program if you:

  • are a Chiropractic or Physical Therapy practice owner.
  • are sole owner or have a partner (both partners MUST attend).
What kind of results can I expect to achieve?

The vast majority of Foundation Program participants show that on average:

  • a practice owner can expect to generate a ROI (return on investment) between 1-3 times within three months of completing the program and implementing the material.
  • free time doubles after only six months.
  • quality of life and relationships improve dramatically.

This is possible because participants are able to organize and simplify their schedule, increase their focus and productivity, build and strengthen their teams, and leverage their natural ability. Our concepts, tools, and strategies are not just about money and time, but about using these as the means to build a business and life that’s meaningful to you.

What can I expect from the workshop?

The workshop consists of five, 2-hour online teaching sessions. Each session has a specific focus that builds a solid foundation of understanding and perspective around your practice.  Training sessions incorporate a combination of business building principles, tools and strategies around time management, referral generation, financial growth, and creative thinking.

It is an interactive experience, as opposed to a lecture, with opportunities for individual work, and interactive group discussions. Workshop sessions are held weekly for 5 consecutive weeks from 7-9pm EST, followed by two personal accountability coaching calls. The online format allows participants time to learn, process, and implement strategies between sessions and then come back with specific questions.

Each participant receives a comprehensive work binder that has all of the material needed for each workshop.

How long is the Foundation Program?

The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program is a 12 week high level learning and focusing program. The majority of Foundation participants consider the Program only the beginning of their “business” education and transformation. The initial 12 weeks creates the necessary infrastructure for exponentially greater results thereafter.

We have discovered that a lack of implementation and consistent accountability are the primary reasons practice owners do not achieve their goals. For these reasons, most practice owner’s transition into the Lighthouse Leader Program upon completion of the Foundation Program as their next step towards Practice Freedom. The Lighthouse Program is designed to support, guide and create accountability for practice owners through the challenges and unexpected questions that occur during the implementation period.

Exponential growth begins to happen as the owner begins to establish predictable systems and an empowered team. For more information on the Lighthouse Leader Program, click here.

Who will my coach be?

The Foundation workshop is taught by successful practice owners and current Practice Freedom clients with many years’ experience implementing the tools and concepts of the Program in their own business.

All of our coaches continue to run their own businesses and are participants in the Program in addition to their business coaching responsibilities. Coaches are selected through a rigorous screening process and extensively trained in the delivery of the materials.

What options do I have for paying my fees?

Tuition for The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program is paid at the time of registration. Payment plans are available for qualified candidates. Payments must be paid in full prior to the start of the workshop. Once the workshop begins there will be No refunds.


What makes the Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program so effective?

The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program is unique among education and coaching programs in that it’s based on over 20 years of experience in the trenches as a multi-clinic practice owner and coach to other successful business owners. We’ve invested over $300,000 in research, training and education to determine the most effective tools and strategies available to accelerate practice growth today.

Everything about the Program is tailored to help practice owners multiply their results, from the powerful content, which is constantly evolving, to the structure of the Program itself and the development of top-notch coaches.

Will I be able to implement what I learn?

What separates the Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program is the ease owners with which owners can implement their action steps. While many programs pride themselves on how much content and information they can give people, the Foundation program focuses on the “precise actions” concept.

Our experience has shown that excessive information given to already overwhelmed practice owners is like drinking from a firehose. It’s impossible to take it all in, and only adds to their frustration levels. The Foundation Program delivers a digestible amount of strategies and tools combined with the appropriate amount of time for implementation that allows owners to achieve tangible results.

What other resources and support are available?

The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program has so much to offer.  In addition to the workshop sessions, members also receive:

  • one-on-one private coaching calls upon completion of the workshop sessions
  • access to our private Member Site (with dozens of resources including ads, job descriptions, tools and more)
  • an invitation to our private Facebook group for practice owners only
  • an invitation to our weekly Momentum Calls to help inspire and reinforce concepts taught in the program
  • free access to our online financial dashboard platform (and help uploading your financial metrics)
Will I have to take off work to attend the workshop?

The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program is designed for busy, over taxed practice owners. The weekly workshop sessions are held in the evening using an online learning platform that allows each participant to easily engage with the program Coach and with fellow practice owners. You can access the online platform using a good WIFI connection. No travel is necessary.