The Lighthouse Leader Program Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for The Lighthouse Leader Program™?

You qualify for The Lighthouse Leader Program™ if you:

  • have successfully completed The Practice Freedom Method Foundation Program.
  • are sole owner in your practice or have a partner (in which case both partners MUST enroll)
What kind of results can I expect to achieve?

The vast majority of Lighthouse Leader Program™ participants show that on average:

  • a practice owner can expect to generate a ROI (return on investment) between 1-3 times within one year of their first workshop and implementing the material.
  • free time doubles after only three months.
  • quality of life and relationships improve dramatically.

This is possible because participants are able to organize and simplify their schedule, increase their focus and productivity, build and strengthen their teams, and leverage their natural ability. Our concepts, tools, and strategies are not just about money and time, but about using these as the means to build a business and life that’s meaningful to you.

What happens in the workshop?

The two day workshop consists of a combination of strategic training, planning, creative thinking and sharing with other participants.  Workshops continue to build off of what was presented in the Foundation Program by diving deeper into system creation, referral generation, communication, team expansion, time management, financial growth, and creative thinking.

It is an interactive experience, as opposed to a lecture, with opportunities for individual work, and interactive group discussions. The 2-day workshops are held quarterly from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with frequent breaks. All meals (including a group dinner) and transportation from the hotel to off-site locations are provided.

Each participant receives new material packets for each workshop.

What other resources are available to support me when I’m not in the workshop?

Between Lighthouse workshops, you’ll have monthly Accountability Calls with a dedicated Coach, an expert at helping practice owners implement the strategies and concepts of the Program into their business and lives. You’ll also have access to your Coach between coaching calls in case of questions or unexpected happenings. In addition to the workshop sessions and Accountability Calls, members are encouraged to:

  • access our private Member Resource Site where practice owners can use, modify or repurpose our sample white papers (ads, job descriptions, etc), and watch and learn from videos and presentations
  • engage in our private Facebook group for Practice Freedom members only
  • join us live or listen to the recording of our weekly Momentum Call to help inspire and reinforce concepts taught in the program
  • use our online financial dashboard platform
What happens if I can’t make it to a workshop I’m scheduled to attend?

Occasionally, emergencies arise that make it impossible to attend a workshop as scheduled. Though we don’t offer refunds for missed sessions, we will do our best to offer rescheduling options that match the missed session as closely as possible. We cannot stress enough, however, the benefits to you and to your group of attending your workshop as scheduled if at all possible.

What options do I have for paying my fees?

The tuition for The Lighthouse Leader Program™ is paid in monthly installments based on a minimal commitment of One Year.  The one year financial commitment each practice owner makes allows everyone in the workshop to operate on a level playing field knowing that each owner made the same financial commitment to be there.

Is The Lighthouse Leader Program™ right for me?

Yes! If you:

  • Want accountability, structure and support to help achieve your goals, learn best practices while avoiding time and financial pitfalls.
  • Want to create an empowered team capable of handing the day to day operations, transforming your practice into a Self-Managing Practice that gives you unprecedented freedom of time, money, and purpose.
  • Want to be part of a uniquely talented, capable, and ambitious group of leaders who expand your very notion of what’s possible.
How long is the Lighthouse Leader Program™?

The Lighthouse Leader Program initial commitment is for at least 12 months and includes four (4) quarterly workshops per year. The majority of Lighthouse Leader participants consider the Program to be an ongoing part of their business education and acumen. For most practice owners, it takes about 12-24 months to make the major transformations in their habits, support structures, capabilities, and relationships that allow them to make the break through as a practice owner and begin to experience practice freedom.

The first two years of the Program are designed to support and guide practice owners through these challenging but incredibly rewarding times.

After the first two years, participants usually have a greatly expanded vision of the possibilities for their future. Some participants choose to continue in the Lighthouse Leader Program™, where they’ll gain the structure and insights to help them make quantum leaps in their income, time and lifestyle, all the while ensuring that the foundation they’ve worked so hard to build remains strong enough to support this new growth and to fund the realization of new dreams. And some clients choose to join Lighthouse Legacy, which is focused on making exponential changes and improvements in one’s business and increasing significance in one’s life.

Who will my coach be?

The Lighthouse Leader workshops are taught by founder and CEO, Dr. Jamey Schrier. Jamey loves teaching and interacting with ambitious and big vision practice owners to help overcome the challenges he faced as a multi-clinic owner for 15 years. See Jamey’s bio.

The accountability coach for our participants is determined based on their current Owner Archetype. These archetypes represent predictable challenges and complexities for practice owners and we know that matching the right coach with the right owner archetype can make all of the difference in results. All of our coaches regardless of what archetype their serve, continue to run their own practices and are participants in the Program in addition to their business coaching responsibilities. Coaches are selected through a rigorous screening process and extensively trained in the delivery of the materials.

What makes the Lighthouse Leader Program so effective?

The Lighthouse Leader Program is unique among education and coaching programs in that it’s based on over 20 years of experience in the trenches as a multi-clinic practice owner and coach to other successful business owners. We’ve invested over $300,000 in research, training and education to determine the most effective tools and strategies available to accelerate practice growth today.

Everything about the Lighthouse Leader Program™ is tailored to help practice owners multiply their results, from the powerful content, which is constantly evolving, to the structure of the Program itself and the development of top-notch coaches.