The Lighthouse Leader Program Overview

Profitability. Process. Predictability.

An amazing opportunity for the ambitious practice owner looking to fast-track their bigger vision into reality.

The Lighthouse Leader Program is for the focused Chiropractic or Physical Therapy owner who wants ongoing accountability and direction to accelerate past potential obstacles directly toward achievement of their bigger goals right now—and who has the means and internal drive to get started and make things happen.

You want to work directly with the founder and creator of The Practice Freedom Method and have access to Jamey’s latest thinking, innovative ideas, and fast-track strategies for achieving exponential results in your business and life. You are an ACTION TAKER not an EXCUSE MAKER.

The focus of the Lighthouse Leader Program is on building and effectively leading your version of a Practice Freedom practice, with an emphasis on removing you from the day to day activities that currently keep you from doing your most important work, creating and helping your team execute against a powerful vision. While you learn how to organize and grow your practice, you will also begin solidifying and expanding your team by identifying your “A” team. This will multiply your efforts needed to reach your goals. The result is a Practice Freedom practice operated by an empowered team that allows you the freedom of Time, Money and Purpose to continually grow and explore other passions in your life.

During the Lighthouse Leader workshops, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded and successful practice owners from around the country who are all dedicated to creating Practice Freedom. The atmosphere buzzes with in-depth discussions, amazing energy, and breakthrough ideas. You will walk away supercharged and ready to take your practice to new heights.

As a member of the Lighthouse Leader Program, you will have quarterly in-person workshops where you review and learn from the previous 90 days, and then re- focus and dial in on the next 90 Day Sprint™. You will continue to work with your Coach via monthly accountability calls to help you effectively implement your 90 Day Sprint™. You’ll have total access to our Member Resource Site, Momentum Calls and authentic connections with other owners from our exclusive community of elite practice owners. This full service program will provide you with the necessary on-going support, know-how and confidence, giving you the ultimate “unfair advantage.”

Imagine two day’s every quarter away from your business, where the only focus is on you and your biggest milestones yet—with “actionable tools” that open up your mind, eliminate roadblocks, and get planning underway, right down to your very first actions when you’re back in the clinic. It’s a rare and stimulating place to be for any practice owner who’s ready to kick their adventure into overdrive.

“Jamey, I really want to thank you for the difference you have helped me make in my life and practice. A lot of great things have happened since starting the Lighthouse Leader Program, but I cannot believe my most recent results – 30 new patients (doubled from last year’s average!). I didn’t think this was possible. Now I’m a believer of your methods and so is my staff and family!”

Willem Verweij

“I’ve only been involved in the Lighthouse Leader program for a few months, but we’re having an awesome month with 60 new evals and over 500 visits. Plus, I took an entire week off this month. I am so stoked about this! Thank you so much Jamey.”

Theresa Kramer

“I only had one day of patient care last week and took our first kid-less trip with my hubby in a very long time…it was great! Productivity is staying steady above 85% consistently (no more days of 70%). This is a huge win for me and a relief since in the past I felt like I was having to do everything to ‘drive’ those numbers up, now the team is working together to KEEP them up. Thank you Jamey for everything!”

Aisha Correa Wilbur

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