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5 Questions to Ask in an Interview

Without a team, one cannot grow! Many of us already know this, but did you know that outstanding physical therapy teams don’t just happen by accident? Great teams are created. And great teams don’t necessarily require the best, most talented (and...

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3 Ways To Get Employee Buy-In (Part 3)

“How many times are you going to ask me the same, darn questions?” This was the question that constantly revolved around in my brain for years. Why did my employees feel the need to ask me the same questions over and over again? After a few years of...

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Avoiding The Hidden Traps Of High Expectations

Well begun is half done – Aristotle Ambition. Drive. Focus. Mission. All good things, right? All are important for achieving success in our businesses and our lives. PT owners who want to grow their practice need to set big, audacious goals. This is where...

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3 ways to get employee buy-in (Part 2)

It’s impossible to grow and expand your practice without employees. And for most practice owners, employees cause some of the biggest worries and frustrations (lack of new patients and cash flow are the others). So, how do you get your staff to be more productive? How...

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