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The Best PT Marketing Advice I Ever Got

There are more than 150 million people across the US who need physical therapy. So why can’t you get enough patients to your clinic? Nearly every PT owner I talk to has trouble with referrals. Most are sinking time and effort—and a lot of money—into the...

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When to Hire Your Next Physical Therapist

When is the right time to hire a new PT? There are a bunch of factors owners need to evaluate when thinking about adding a new physical therapist to their team. It can be part of your growth strategy, patient demand, budget and cash flow. There is no...

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Avoiding the Tyranny of Time Management

Time management is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. In today’s world of constant distraction, managing time wisely is essential for people who want to be deeply productive. And yet, constantly chasing productivity through time management can be...

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The #1 Investment to Grow your Clinic

Investing is all about getting a return. When you take the step of putting your hard-earned money into something, you expect it to pay dividends. Practice owners have the chance—every day—to make an investment in their business that will transform every...

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The Big Reason PT Delegating Goes Wrong

Tell me if this nightmare delegation scenario sounds familiar. You decide to take some work off your plate.  You assign new responsibilities to members of your staff, explaining what you want them to do. Things go haywire: errors get made, important...

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Reclaiming the passion that leads to PROFITS

I. Hate. My. Practice. Have you ever said those words? Or thought them? I did, many times when I was a practice owner. They hurt. I used to wonder: how did I get HERE, after starting my journey as a practice owner with so much passion, enthusiasm, and love...

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