When you’re a business owner, a lot of important decisions fall to you. But just because you’re responsible for making all those decisions doesn’t mean they’re easy.

I talk to PT practice owners every day. So many of you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions there are to make, and by the range of options from which you must choose. Many practice owners also feel deeply uncertain and conflicted about what their business priorities should be.

The responsibility to make decisions isn’t going away—but a strong, clear vision for your practice can help make decision making dramatically simpler.

Having a vision helps you prioritize. Instead of 100 possible paths, you have ONE. And the right decisions are the ones that take you closer to making vision real.

Vision isn’t only a motivator. It’s also a filter.

When you work with a clear, well formulated vision, you suddenly have a built-in, ready-made framework for all the important decisions you need to make as a practice owner. That includes decisions about:

  • The right people to hire


  • The ideal patients to target
  • The best marketing strategies to use
  • The areas of business need focus and investment for growth and bigger returns
  • The management and technical skills you and your team most need to learn


Before you know it, you’ve experienced a big drop in the confusion that used to be part of your daily life. You’re also feeling a big jump in your confidence, as you see yourself successfully making decisions that align with your priorities.

Having a vision helps take the guesswork out of decision making. And that has a ripple effect across your business and your life.

Here 4 questions PT practice owners need to ask as you work to build your business vision:

What is your big win?

This is your big, hairy, audacious goal. Forget for a moment whether you think it’s do-able. Put your dream out there. You’re not trying to please anyone but yourself here. Where do you really want your business and your life to go?

Who are your ideal clients?

Identify who it is you most want to help. Consumed with stress and uncertainty, practice owners often forget: there are more people out there in need than we can ever hope to treat. Instead of worrying about whether there are enough patients available to you (there are), start by choosing who you want to work with.

What are your most important values?

Knowing the values behind your goal helps you the people who will be right-fit employees for you–and keep them motivated. Staying in touch with your core values helps you communicate with potential patients in community with more clarity, authenticity, and heart. Knowing your own values allows you to understand the why that makes your practice different, and better—and share that why with everyone else.

What’s holding you back?

This is the moment to be really honest about the fears you carry inside you. Getting those fears out into the light of day is the first step toward overcoming them. This is also time to scan for gaps in your knowledge or expertise that might trip you up. There are mentors, guides, and experts waiting to help you learn what you need to know. All it takes is a bit of self-awareness and a willingness to reach out.

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