3 simple ways to increase referrals before the year’s over

Something happens to a lot of PT owners at this time of year. They put a little less effort into generating new referrals. It’s not hard to understand. The holidays are approaching. The days are short and dark. There’s a temptation to “write off” the rest of the year.

What happens? PT owners stop pushing their marketing strategies. Whether they’re aware of it or not, a lot of PTs sit back a just a little and let the clock run out on the year.

It’s a huge missed opportunity.

This end-of-year window is actually a terrific time to generate new referrals. While other PT owners are coasting through to year’s end, you can take advantage of this time to get more new patients to your clinic.

Here are a few simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-implement strategies that are perfect for right now:  

Remind patients about met deductibles

At this point in the year, many patients have met their deductibles. Others have health savings account funds they need to use or lose. It’s a unique time of year when patients can get the care they need without incurring additional financial strain.

So what’s stopping them? Like the rest of us, our patients are busy people. They have a lot on their minds. A quick reminder email from you might be just what they need to take action.

Send a friendly email to your past patients to ask how they’re feeling. Wish them happy holidays and encourage them to take advantage of their deductibles being met.

Be prepared to follow up right away when they respond. After you’ve sparked their interest, don’t make them wait days to hear from your team. Get them in right away!

Show your appreciation NOW

Most PT owners give gifts and thanks to the doctors refer them patients during the year. Usually, these shows of appreciation happen right before the Christmas holidays. Your thanks probably gets lost in the crowd. That bottle of wine you have delivered right before Christmas? It probably gets enjoyed by a staff member who doesn’t even know your name.

Instead of waiting until the Christmas rush, show your appreciation around Thanksgiving. You’ll stand out from the crowd. You’ll also give your sources more time to show their appreciation with an additional referral or two!

Be sure your thank you includes all the right people. Too often, PT owners focus their appreciation ONLY on the doctors. Most of the time, front desk staff manages the flow of referrals.

Share a healthy holiday spirit with your community

You can give members of your community a precious gift during this holiday season: the gift of good health. It’s as simple as hosting a holiday open house. Offer refreshments and share some “holiday tips” that are relevant to your ideal patients—the people who are your target audience. Even better? Co-host this event with one of your referral partners. Co-sponsoring a holiday open house with a local gym or health center is a great way to pool resources and attract even more people to your event.

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