How I Transformed My Struggling “Mom and Pop Shop” into a Highly Profitable Practice That Allowed Me to “Retire” at Just 46 Years Old… with $1.26 Million in My Pocket!

Dear Practice Owner,

My name is Dr. Jamey Schrier, and as a former Physical Therapist I know exactly what it’s like to run a small medical practice:

There are never enough hours in a day to take care of everything.

Servicing the patients is just the beginning; after that you still need to spend time…

  • Increasing your patient volume
  • Wrestling with insurance companies
  • Training, managing, and motivating your staff
  • Staying up to date with the latest medical technology
  • Keeping up with cash flow and paying down debt
  • Reviewing your practice’s metrics

…which usually means you end up staying late or working weekends to get it all done (at the expense of your health and relationships).

And chances are, if you’re like most chiropractors I talk to, you’re not even getting half the things done that you know you should be.

You’re burning the candle at both ends, yet you can never seem to get ahead.

“This isn’t the dream they sold you in school…
but it’s all you know how to do.”

So you keep going…

You keep telling yourself, “I’ll catch up next week…” but you don’t.

Weeks turn into months…

Months turn into years…

And slowly but surely your income declines while you get older and burn yourself out.

As you can see, I know what it’s like to be a slave to an underperforming practice, but I also know what it’s like to live…

“A lifestyle most Physical Therapists can only dream about!”

That statement isn’t totally true…

I’ve lived a lifestyle most PTs can’t even fathom.

While working just 5 hours a week I was taking home over $20,000 a month from 2 thriving locations that were treating over 300 patients a week…without me laying a hand on a single one of them!

Since the automated systems and the self-motivated staff were capable of handling everything without me, I only showed up at the office when I felt like it.

(Can you even imagine?)

All this extra time and money freed me up to spend tons of time with my family, go on getaways with my spouse, coach my son’s basketball team, drop my kids off at the bus stop every morning and pick them up every afternoon.

Eventually, when I got the practice running super smooth, I was able to cash out and pocket $1,265,000 dollars at just 46 years old.

This was a pretty astounding feat considering that just a 2 years prior…

“My physical therapy practice literally burned to the ground right in front of me.”

The fire chief said the cause of the office fire was an electrical short, and although I should’ve been really upset about it, the reality was that I was burned to ash too.

As I sifted through the singed rubble I began to question if I ever really wanted to practice again.

You see, I had your typical one-man practice with my wife running the front desk while I treated patients in the back.

Although I was working 70 hours a week, I barely brought home $60k a year, and I was on the edge of bankruptcy.

I knew that if I wanted to be happy and create the practice I had always envisioned, I needed to learn how to run a business as an entrepreneur and not as a committed clinician.

“That’s when I decided I had to rebuild my practice from the ground up… and I was going to do it the right way this time.”

So I got my hands on everything I could about business systems and automation and I studied it…deeply.

Then I applied it with great intention. I made mistakes using my own money (mistakes you don’t have to make and money you don’t have to lose), in my practice but each one drove me to a higher level of success.

And you know what happened next…within 2 years I was making 4x more money while working just 5 hours a week, and actually enjoying my practice again.

Eventually I sold that practice and retired from the physical therapy biz and now my passion is to help PTs and chiropractors find the passion and freedom they were looking for when they started their practice.

So here’s my step-by-step plan to help YOU dramatically transform your practice in just 21 days

21 Day Jump Start

STEP 1: Define Your Dream

The first step to building a successful practice is to begin with the end result you want. So in this module you will…

  • Design the ideal practice and lifestyle that gets you excited again.
  • Discover the 3 KEY QUESTIONS that will put you on the fast track to the practice of your dreams.
  • Uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back and…
  • Find out how to easily overcome them from this point forward.

STEP 2: Create the Path

In Module 2 you’ll get laser focused on your goals and you’ll have the tools to make them all a reality. Here’s what I’m going to reveal…

  • What the REAL FUNCTION of your practice is and why it’s much different than you think it is.
  • My secret for cutting your work week down to JUST 5 HOURS… and exactly what you should be doing during that time.
  • The ONE WORD that can free up more time than you ever imagined… it’s not the word you think!
  • My favorite strategies for reaching new levels of efficiency and productivity that will move you closer to your ideal practice and lifestyle.
  • Examples, scenarios, and case studies showing you exactly how you can apply these strategies to free up valuable time.

STEP 3: Lead the Way

In Module 3 I’ll show you how to sit at the helm of your ideal practice. Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The easiest way to increase staff productivity and reduce turnover.
  • Simple ways to hold your staff accountable without conflict.
  • How to use my automated systems to set your own schedule while also bringing more money into your business.
  • Why you must own your role as the CEO of your business.
  • How to shift your presence from a patient care technician to a leader so you can finally experience fun and freedom in your practice.

“These are the real world practice building strategies they didn’t teach you in school!”

…probably because none of your instructors have ever run profitable practices themselves.

The only way you can get this information is from someone who has compiled it, tested it, and perfected it in the trenches in a real practice.

NOBODY teaches like I do because NOBODY, (except those I’ve worked with) knows all of these secrets.

And now for the first time ever – I’m willing to teach a few lucky chiropractors looking to accomplish building the PRACTICE OF THEIR DREAMS.

I’m going to show you step by step and turn by turn exactly what you need to do over the next 21 days to explode your practice while reducing the amount of time you spend in your practice.

You can learn how to grow your practice while being less involved just like these people did…

“In Clinic Only 2 Days a Week!”

“I wouldn’t have believed it was possible until I did it myself but I was able to INCREASE my revenue growth by 20% while DECREASING my treatment time in the clinics from 4 days a week to only 2 … Do yourself a favor and skip the 10 years of trying and making mistakes and just fast forward to success. I went from being self-employed to owning a real business.”

Karn Santikul

“Taking Better Care of Myself”

“I now have a bigger vision of what my practice can be. I’ve learned how to create processes and effectively empower and delegate so I’m not involved in every daily decision. I’m taking better care of myself, my staff and my business. If you want an experienced entrepreneur who can direct you down the path to success and help you avoid the mistakes, then get Jamey’s program now.”

Annette Broddie

“Achieving More By Doing Less”

“As a recovering perfectionist, having defined timeframes to create action was hard at first, but the results have been amazing. I now know how to move things off my plate effectively and how to achieve more by doing less (I know this sounds counterintuitive or even impossible for you, it did for me too at first). You’ll get amazing results from this program IF you actually implement the steps. Jamey has made that dead simple with small, consistent steps that will get you big results. You need to get this program while you can, the value is immense and ongoing.”

Shannon Murphy

“Don’t let the super low price tag scare you away from investing in this life-changing, practice building program!”

If you do what I tell you to in this program, you will see more money (and more peace of mind!) flowing into your practice within just 21 days.

That being said, I know I could easily sell this program for $1000 dollars, and originally that was my plan.

(Heaven knows it’s worth much more than that.)

But then I remembered myself back in 2004 after my practice burned to the ground. I was super broke but I had a burn (no pun intended) to rebuild my practice the right way.

So that’s why I’ve decided to price this program at just $297 so that anyone could get started no matter how bad their situation is.

That being said, don’t let the low price point scare you away from investing. This is a $1000 dollar practice building program priced at $297 so I can help as many PTs and chiropractors as possible.

Why I’m so confident that this program will change your life…

This program teaches you the exact same steps I used to…

  • Resurrect my practice from the ashes (literally!) and create two successful locations in record time
  • Create an efficient, self-managed, extremely profitable practice that literally ran independently of me
  • Eventually sell my practice and become a millionaire at age 46

Now I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results I did, but I can offer this to you…

My Ruthless, No Questions Asked, 42-Day Money Back Guarantee

“If you ruthlessly implement my 21 Day Jump Start for a full 42 days (double the time the program takes to implement) and you don’t see the changes I’ve shared with you here, I’ll give you a no questions asked refund. In fact, if you don’t get the results I promise, I demand you take your money back and use it to purchase something that will change your practice.”

Dr. Jamey Schrier

As you can see, you’ve virtually got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get this program now to get started developing the practice of your dreams.

But whatever you do though, do something, today, because the action you don’t take is the action that will keep you stuck and unhappy.

So with that in mind…

“Are you ready to build a highly profitable, hands-free practice that lets you enjoy way more money and free time?”

Yes! Count me in, Jaimey! I want to create the practice and lifestyle of my dreams with…

21 Day Jump Start

Here’s the thing: If you don’t invest in yourself, nobody will.

That’s why more PTs and chiropractors tell me they are making less money today than they were 10 years ago.

And that’s why your mouse should be reaching over to click on that order link this very second.

In this program I am going to give you the tools to go out tomorrow and reinvent your practice. You’ll be crashing through preconceived notions, false beliefs and inefficient systems to create an exciting, enjoyable and profitable practice.

And here’s one last promise…

I’ll teach you exactly how to create the life you’ve always wanted, with as much or as little time spent in your clinic as you want- in short order… using the very same time-tested techniques I’ve used to rebuild my practice, open a second location and even cash out.

Get started now and I look forward to hearing your success story very soon!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Jamey Schrier

Dr. Jamey Schrier, PT, DPT

PS… I often wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t made the decisions to take control of my practice back in 2004. At the time I was on the verge of bankruptcy and living on credit cards. Chances are I’d probably be working as an employee in someone else’s successful practice. While they were (theoretically) out swinging golf clubs, waxing up their surfboard, or tightening their snow skis I’d probably be in their office servicing their patients.

PPS… There’s nothing wrong with that kind of life. Before I sold my practice (for $1.26M) I had plenty of those guys working for me. They were good, honest, hardworking technicians who really cared about my patients. But that’s not who I’m destined to be. I’m an entrepreneur with the freedom to decide what I’m going to do, when I’m going to do it, and who I’m going to do it with. I can show you the mindset and the systems you need to be like me, and get the kind of results I get, but you have to take the first step.

PPPS…. Click the BUY BUTTON above to start day 1 of your 21 Day Jumpstart!